JM Festival (Ana Moura, Soraia Ramos & Pedro Abrunhosa)

Ana Moura, Soraia Ramos & Pedro Abrunhosa

15 June 2024

Doors: 18:00 | Show: 18:00

We are delighted to announce that the second edition of the JM Festival will be held at the Vaudoise arena on June 15, 2024 in the presence of the great artists, Ana Moura, Soraia Ramos & Pedro Abrunhosa.

Ana Moura

Fado’s heyday was embodied by Amália Rodrigues, but today it is enjoying a flamboyant revival thanks to its modern icons.Ana Moura, who in 2007 was spotted by the Rolling Stones and Prince, is undoubtedly one of today’s finest voices.A fadista of her time, uninhibited but never denying her roots, she wraps each of her melodies in a natural fado tone that allows her to flirt freely with any style.Her fado is resolutely contemporary, universal, in harmony with her country and our world. Ana Moura is part of this world, observing and singing it.

Soraia Ramos

Soraia Ramos is known for her authentic approach to music, incorporating elements of traditional Cape Verdean morna, kizomba and contemporary R&B. Her ability to tell emotional stories through her music has distinguished her as a remarkable artist on the music scene.
Soraia Ramos has a deep bond with her Cape Verdean cultural roots. She often incorporates elements of Cape Verdean culture and tradition into her music, enriching her compositions with authenticity and meaning. Soraia Ramos has emerged as one of the most distinctive and captivating voices in Cape Verdean music and beyond. Her ability to fuse cultural traditions with contemporary sounds, and her heartfelt, empowering messages, have made her an influential figure on the music scene. With a steadily growing career and a devoted fan base, Soraia Ramos continues to delight and inspire listeners worldwide.

Pedro Abrunhosa

Traveler, writer, stage performer par excellence, it’s on the road that we find him. Now he doesn’t take the backpack and he doesn’t go alone. In the luggage, the Chansons and, by company, the huge audience he drags along.
His powerful writing is evident in his songs, which add to the many other hymns, legends and adages the author has always written for us. Throughout this period, thousands of concerts, festivals, packed venues and tours have taken him all over the world.
Multiplatinum on practically every record, Pedro Abrunhosa has won all the most prestigious national awards!
Some of the greatest hits “Para Os Braços da Minha Mãe”, “Tudo o Que Eu Te Dou”, “Se eu fosse um dia o teu olhar” e muito mais músicas!

Together, we invite you to continue building our beautiful history and relive a magnificent evening to leave with unforgettable moments.

Infos de l’événement



The Vaudoise arena is perfectly served, several times an hour, by the Prilly-Malley SBB station (timetable).


The Vaudoise arena can be reached in a few minutes from the M1 Prilly Malley metro stop.


The Vaudoise arena is perfectly served, several times an hour, by different bus stops (timetables).


No parking is available on the Vaudoise Arena site during events. We encourage spectators to use public transport.

The UNIL, EPFL and PR Vennes parking lots are available, and connected to the Vaudoise arena by the M1 and M2 metro.